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Our school meals follow the government guidelines alongside the school food plan. This ensures that children enjoy nutritious food at school which supports their health and education.

“The School Food Plan is exactly that – an agreed plan that has the support of the Secretary of State for Education and of the diverse organisations who are going to support head teachers to improve food in their schools.”

View the school foods standards poster here.

The poster indicates the food groups and percentages that have to be adhered to. This information can also help you as a parent to pick the correct choices for your child to ensure they are getting a balanced diet.

We are proud to provide a wide variety of locally sourced, organic and fairtrade produce in our cooking.

We understand that it is important for our parents to know where their child’s food comes from . . .s-FarmShopLogo

Maxeys Farm Shop in Kirklington, Nottinghamshire is not only local but provides us with our seasonal fruit, vegetables and free range eggs!


All of our meat has the red tractor stamp. The Union Jack in the Red Tractor Marklogo indicates food has been farmed, processed and packed all in the UK.


Many of the desserts we provide are homemade by us from Fairtradethe raw ingredients. The ingredients we select are important to us, such as our Fairtrade Cocoa Powder.


NicholsonsOur locally sourced meat, such as roast beef and chicken comes from J.D Nicholson Butchers of Collingham, a popular family run business and a favourite with many of our school parents and their families. The minced beef used for our bolognaise comes from locally reared cows in the Nottinghamshire villages of Coddington & Beckingham.

All of the fish we have available on our menus, such as salmon fish fingers always have the MSC stamp. This means the fish comes from a certified sustainable fishery.

Our jacket potatoes, which are available to all children on a daily basis come from Glentham Farming Co., a family run farm specialising in potatoes. Based in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire means they couldn’t be more local, grown in the childrens school county.

Soil Association

Organic produce is a key part of our menu. We only use organic flour in our baking and our Lower Hurst beef burgers are not only organic but recommended by the Food For Life scheme. To have the Soil Association stamp, products must have at least 95% of their ingredients coming from organically produced plants and animals.


Knorr gravy granulesOur Knorr gravy granules are not only suitable for vegetarians but also gluten free. This gravy is used with our delicious roast dinners.




Working with one of our Schools; Swinderby All Saints Primary, we have managed to achieve the Food For Life Silver Award.

In order to achieve this level of recognition we have to meet certain criterias, which include having high performance in categories such as:

  • Environmentally sustainable & ethical food
  • Local food
  • Promoting and encouraging healthy foods

We continually work to provide excellence within our choice of ingredients and work to our motto of providing a variety of fresh, healthy & locally sourced food.

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