Please see below for some of our frequently asked questions regarding our gourmet ready meals. We hope these help your queries. Thank you.

When will my food be delivered?
We deliver on Fridays between 3 and 6pm.

How much does delivery cost?
Delivery is FREE within our area. This is a 4 mile radius of Collingham village, Nottinghamshire.

What if I am not in?
Should you not be home, we ask you leave out a suitable cool box/bag for us to leave your meals in until you return home. There is a specific box on our order form where you can leave details for us to locate your cool bag/box.

What about social distancing?
We understand the importance of Covid-19 restrictions. We will keep our social distance when delivering and have a tick box on the order form for those who are self isolating.

Why can I only order between Friday and midnight on Monday?
This means we are only cooking to order. No waste. No overbuying. No extra cost to you on the meals.

Do you sell desserts?
No, we currently do not offer any desserts. This is something we are considering for future menus.

Where is the food prepared and cooked?
All meals are cooked in our purpose build unit in Saxilby, Lincolnshire.

Can I freeze my meals?
Yes. All our meals come fresh, need to be kept refrigerated below 5c and can be eaten within 2 days OR frozen on the day of delivery and eaten within 1 month. For best results eat from fresh.

Can I order different dishes?
Yes. Our intention is to allow families or friends to each enjoy the dish they want, all together at the same meal.

How do I know how to cook my meal?
All meals come with clear labels on the top with full instructions on how to store and cook them.
We always advise any oven cooked meals to be placed in a pre-heated oven. Cooking times are based on the oven being pre-heated @ 180 degrees. Ensure both microwaved and oven cooked meals are piping hot before serving.

I am vegetarian, do you offer meals for me?
Yes. We always include vegetarian and vegan choices on our menus.

I have a nut allergy, can I order your meals?
Yes. We have a dropdown under the ‘gourmet meals’ heading titled ‘allergens’. Here you will find a PDF with a breakdown of all allergens present in all the dishes we offer.

I have missed a meal off my order. What do I do?
These things happen. If you email us at info@ginga.catering as soon as possible and we will always try to help you amend your order if we can.

How do I pay?
Once you submit your order the BACS details will show up on screen and your full order will also be sent via email along with the same BACS details. Full payment is required to confirm your order.

Can I recycle your packaging?
Yes. We have specifically chosen a range of trays which can be widely recycled, including a recyclable film lid. We deliver in paper bags which can also be recycled. We encourage you to recycle your packaging from Ginga Catering.

Why do you need the name on my payment card on the order form?
This is to make it easy for us to match your order to the transaction in our bank account. Specifically for instances where you may be ordering for an elderly relative for example or a friend of the family without internet access, whereby the card name is different to the name on the delivery address.

What is GDPR and why do I have to tick this box?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is ticked to ensure you acknowledge allowing us to receive your personal information/data provided on our online order form for the purposes of fulfilling your meal order only.

If you require any further information or have any other questions not covered above then please email us on info@ginga.catering.
Thank you.